MISS’N YOU MOMMAby Brett Biaggio I can’t believe I’m here MommaWriting these words ’bout miss’n you MommaYou should be here to answer my callSo much done changed since you been gone Where to begin MommaYour grandkids got your wit MommaGot that Queeny way ’bout ’emAnd they’re get’n mighty tall You show’d me love MommaMy sweetContinue reading

“Alan Key once said, ‘The best way to predict the future is to invent it.’ I find this to be such an obvious truth, that most of us are at fault for overlooking it. Stop waiting for life and live. Make your reality better than your dreams…” -Tom Frost, Pacific Prep: Tree of Knowledge

My Motivation

Some know that back in 2013, after the loss of my best friend Jessica Jaros Davis, I started writing THE CURSED JACKSON GREEN, which has since become PACIFIC PREP: BLOODLINES. What most don’t know is that after hitting 91 pages and deciding to dedicate the story to my friend, my mom Denise Zangaro was theContinue reading “My Motivation”

Those tears are supposed to come when you part from a relationship, and one day you will see that they were never tears of sadness but of happiness.  – Denise, FINDING DEVIN