My DNA and Tree Results

These are the results of my direct bloodline, through my Grandma Marie. All names listed are parents only. This is to avoid confusion and to keep only a direct relation map.





Tree 5

Tree 6





“In that moment, and for a while after, it felt as if all the happiness in the world had been drained, like I would never again know joy or pleasure.” -Jackson Green, The Cursed Jackson Green.

New Book Announcement

I am currently working on THE BLESSED SCOTT O’BRIEN, SECRETS KILL, and FINDING DEVIN. However, my A.D.D. has kicked in full force and is now bringing another story forward. I am loving it!

This new story is about a young man from a small town in Louisiana, just north of New Orleans. He attends a masquerade ball in the glamours French Quarter, at the invitation of his best friend. The next day he wakes up with the worst hangover of his life. Will he find the girl he shared the most passionate night of his life with? The simple answer: yes. The catch: she is in his trunk, dead. Did he do it? How long can he evade the authorities searching for her? Has he been setup or did putting on that mask awaken who he really is? When A.J. is unmasked will we see a killer or an innocent man?

A.J. UNMASKED is coming September 2020.


All rights reserved by Brett Zangaro.

Book Review by Bookspeare

“If I had to use one word to describe The Cursed Jackson Green, I would have to use Eventful. There was everything you wanted in a book. There was excitement, a supernatural aspect, a crazy twist and best of all, it was so well written. It had so much in-depth detail that you felt like you were there. I highly recommend this book to everyone, even those who are not a fan of fantasy will enjoy this book.” -Bookspeare