Secrets Kill

After further consideration of the plot, we can safely say that SECRETS KILL is a New Adult Drama. Its secondary genre is LGBTQ+  Drama. More details coming soon.

XX Brett

Five Years Ago Today

Five years ago today, I decided that Pacific Prep (The Cursed Jackson Green) could not remain a private journal of my daydream world, it had to be published and dedicated to Jessica.  I started spending every free moment writing at Barnes & Noble, Castlewood State Park, and Blackburn Park. Writing progressed from a hobby to an addiction. It took three total revisions, four editors, and two cover artists to get this story to what you see today. It is still flawed but that is life. What writing this did for me in terms of healing was worth every bit of it. I wouldn’t change a thing.



Pacific Prep High is Jackson Green’s territory and he is looking forward to his senior year. However, his final year at Pacific Prep spirals into a world of danger. He discovers his golden boy days are over and reality exists in the supernatural depths of the unknown.