My First B&N Event!

Do you think they’ll let me have this after my #booksigning tomorrow? So cool seeing this! Thank you, @barnesandnoble57170677_3029044717109315_6520373041002708992_n!!!


The Best Fans Ever

I have such an incredible collection of Hexe’pirs supporting me.

Please email your photo with my novel so I can add you to the slideshow.

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My Mom Passed

On June 10, 2018, my best friend in the world, my mom, passed away. She was only 57 and the center of my world. As I try to cope with her physically leaving this world, I will focus my energy on making her proud.

She gave her family so much of her heart that it was just too overworked. No hug, smooch on the cheek, or voice will ever be as welcoming or loving as hers. Her love was truly unconditional.

I love you more, more, more, Mommy!


Denise P. H. Zangaro, 1961 – 2018

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